Queer educational trip to Bremen – Places available

4 Jul

From 04 to 07 August, the Association of German Scouts (Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder*innen) is going to travel to Bremen with a group from Thüringen. There they organize a queer educational program. The trip is being prepared together with local queer groups. The group will meet a queer youth group and queer BIPoC activists for an exchange about our activism as well as commonalities and differences. Together with them they take part in a city tour about the queer history of Bremen. Furthermore, there will be enough free time and we have different possibilities for how to spend the evenings, for example the Cocktail bar in the Rat & Tat center.

The trip is open to everybody who shares a queer-feminist perspective. In the first place queer people are invited, especially queer refugees and QTBIPoC! (The shortcut QTBIPoC means Queer & Trans Black, Indigeneous, People of Color)

More informationen, e.g. on accomodation, travel, and registration: thueringen.bdp.org/2022/07/01/queer-bremen-trip/

Age: from 16 onwards
Contribution: 40-60 € (travelling costs & accommodation inclusive)
Registration is possible until 15 July.
Register via E-Mail to lv.thueringen [ ät ] bdp.org providing the following information: Name, address, age, needs