Schwarzes Brett – Bulletin Board

„Das Schwarze Brett“ is a digital bulletin board to coordinate requests and offers of donations and personal help. Refugees themselves, their friends, voluntary and official helpers, as well as people willing to donate things or offer some other kind of help are invited to use the board to find what they need or to publish a request or an offer.

You find the board here:

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How does it work:

You will find and can publish all kinds of requests and offers on the board:

Donations: furniture & houshold items, lamps, decoration, carpets, clothes & shoes, toys…

Practical personal help: lending equipment or a helping hand for renovations or assembling furniture, repairs, translating, accompaniment to authorities or doctors, transporting furniture…

The bulletin board itself is in German, so you might need someone to translate the contents for you. If this is a problem, please let us know (contact form below) and we will try to help.

To get more information about a specific request or offer on the board, click onto the request / offer and contact the person listed in the description.

To publish a request or offer yourself, or if you have any other questions, please fill in the form below.

    Mit folgendem Formular können Sie ein Gesuch oder ein Angebot an uns übermitteln, welches dann von uns grob geprüft und angepasst auf der Plattform veröffentlicht wird.

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