Empowerment Workshop on June 21 and 23

30 May

Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V. and Welcome Center Jena invite to a workshop on empowerment for people with migration background in the work context.

The workshop is aimed at all people with a migration background who are in the application process, are looking for a job, or have recently got a job but had to overcome some hurdles. The workshop aims to encourage, motivate and enable participants to exchange tips on how to approach their application process. At the same time, the workshop also provides the space and sensitivity to share discriminatory experiences and find solutions in dealing with them.

The workshop will take place on both 06/21 and 06/23 from 2pm to 5pm.

There will be one German-speaking and one English-speaking session. Therefore it is requested to register for a specific date and to indicate the desired language. Please send registrations to johanna.scholz [ ät ] jena.de.

The workshop is free of charge and limited to a maximum of 15 participants per day.

More information in the flyer in German or English and at www.work-in-jena.de/event/empowerment-workshop-fur-menschen-mit-migrationshintergrund.