Bildungsreise nach Berlin zum Soura Film Festival

24 Sep

From 21.-24. October 2021, the Soura Film Festival, a Queer Film Festival, shows films from the SWANA* region. The Landesverband Thüringen des Bundes Deutscher Pfadfinder_innen is going to  travel to Berlin with a group from Thüringen and visit the festival together. Alongside taking part in the festival program, there will be enough time for meeting and socializing within our group, interesting discussions and group activities.

The group is going to stay in the BDP guest house near Gesundbrunnen. The trip is open to everybody who shares a queer feminist perspective. Thus, queer people are especially invited. If possible, participants should be vaccinated against Covid-19. In case you can‘t arrive at Berlin on 21.10., you also could follow on 22.10. The organizing team offers support in asking to be released from school already on Thursday and Friday.

*The shortcut SWANA means „South West Asia and North Africa“, in which „South West Asia“ substitutes the colonial / eurocentric notion „Middle East“.

Information about accessibility:

  • Most of the films are in English spoken language
  • The group speaks German, English and Turkish
  • In the Accommmodation, Gaesteetage, an elevator & accessible bathroom is available
  • At the Festival place, an elevator & ramp is available
  • Barriers can be reduced whereever it is needed
  • As far as possible all participants should be vaccinated against Covid-19, during the trip, rapid tests are used every day

Age: 16 onwards
Contribution: 40-60 € (travelling costs & accommodation inclusive)

The group will be maximum 14 people. Registration is possible until 4. October. In order to register, please send an email to lv.thueringen [ ät ] including the following information: name,
address, age, needs. If you have any questions, please also write an email or call the BDP office: Tel. 03641-666058.