Open Space for the Day of Human Rights

30 Nov

In the monthly open space for committed people with and without a refugee background, KindersprachbrückeRefugio ThüringenRefugee Law Clinic and Flüchtlingsrat Thüringen want to focus on the question of the realization of fundamental and human rights in Jena and Thuringia on the day of human rights. What are human rights and on what basis do people receive a right to protection and asylum? Where are human rights violated and what can we do about it?We believe that we can all do something together and claim our rights together!

With Simon Herker (Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland)
10 December 2018, 4:30 p.m.
Stadtteilbüro Lobeda; Karl-Marx-Allee 28, 07747 Jena

—> What is the Open Space?
Every second Monday of the month, refugees, committed and interested people meet for an open exchange meeting in Lobeda West.Together we want to talk about different questions:How do volunteers shape their commitment? How do refugees experience this commitment? How do committed people protect themselves from “burning out”? How exactly can I help someone in the asylum procedure? What are psychosocial stresses? … And much more!
The meetings are based on bringing your questions and wishes. With help and advice Jenaer projects with refugees can accompany the evening and offer selected inputs on various questions.

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